My granparents are both 80 and only speak spanish.Does any1 have any cool christmas gift ideas 4 both of them?

Does anyone know of any spanish speaking performing theatre events in or near los angeles? It’s a xmas present so it will be after the holidays. Thanks!


  1. You can get them smth original and sentimental that will remind them of your everytime they look at it: a 100% hand-made personalized painting from their favorite photo together. I found this artist website that turns photos into paintings and their prices are pretty affordable too. Here’s the source: Good luck on finding the right gift!

  2. hello mpmethod!

    Since last year I was in the same situation as you are now, and I started thinking that I would gift them the full World if I could, but of course I couldn’t… but then I kept thinking, hum! what can show them that? and a fantastic idea came to my mind!
    Something simple and cheap but not so cheap as to be considered a cheap person… something simple but that could fulfill every dreams they have… something so small that can fit into an enveolope… or not even that!
    I thought about lottery tickets! Christmas is a time for hope and love, and is the perfect time to have a lottery ticket! Will fullfill every hope and give an amazing mood to the meeting! All my relatives and friends were fascinated when I gave them the lottery subscriptions as a gift! The best part was when they started winning! Not all of them, but I think among all the family we earned like 5K! and it costed me less than $250 to make ALL my family really happy! 🙂

    I bought it here: which was really easy as I could register and manage them all in my computer. And they even now have a promotion that gifts you the same amount of your first deposit, so to you it will cost you only half money!

    good luck and merry christmas!!!
    trust me! is a wonderful gift!


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