my parents are Mexican and i don't speak Spanish, am i the only one?

yea my parents and i have a very weird relationship,
they dont speak english and i dont speak spanish, they can understand english and i can understand spanish but thats it. we understand eachother just fine though is that weird ive lived like this my whole life am i the only one? i lived just outside of dallas my whole life and never really had use spanish in school or to my friends so inever used it. im just wondering is there a generation of hispanics that dont know how to speak spanish very well.


  1. Not weird, dude. I’ve seen this phenomena in many friends families and with several different languages. I think that given the fact you both can understand the other language, you certainly have the capacity to speak the other also. It is an absolute shame to be deprived of speaking the language that is your heritage. To every bi-lingual person out there: Do not be afraid to use both of your languages in daily life, it is an asset, not a liability.

  2. Yes, I have heard of this. I am not hispanic, but I grew up in L.A. and saw this a lot in 2nd and 3rd generation Mexican americans. So you are not the only one.

  3. I have family who’s from Panama and I don’t speak a lot of Spanish. I guess when you come to America it’s ntly the English language and you lose the language generations down.

  4. I’ve seen this before A young girl about 7 would go every were with her father he spoke very little english The love and respect they had for each other would bring a tear to your eye

    RAY N

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