Natives! Studying Latin American Spanish for 4 years, but want to study abroad in Spain. Will I be alright?

I’ve been studying Latin American Spanish for over 4 years, and in college I want to study abroad, but I would really like to study in Spain as opposed to Mexico or somewhere in Latin America. Is there enough of a difference in Spain-Spanish and Latin American Spanish to the degree that I should stick to somewhere in Latin America? Are there that many words that are different? Or would I be fine getting around, considering the grammatical differences, if I were to study abroad in Spain?



  1. You have been studying Spanish for 4 years, and no one has told you that it´s the same language as they speak in Spain, yet!?

    You need some better teachers!

    Yeah. It’s all SPANISH!!!! Just like English is ALL ENGLISH! We can all understand each other…you can bet your buttons everyone in Spain will understand you just fine! You will pick up on the minor differences…Remember the whole Vosotros thing, but even if you don’t, they will teach you.

    The words they have already taught you are surely generic. They will understand what you mean when you say "carro", for instance, because it will come through, but they might giggle a little, and you will learn to use "coche".

  2. actually, going to spain is better. They speak the real, gramatically correct spanish. Latin american spanish, is degraded. im salvadoran-guatemalan-mexican, and im impressed by the way the Spanish speak. If you come back with the spanish accent, you will impress many, and will sound way more educated. It will be a great experience for you


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