not being able to speak in spanish but then ok to use you to translate?

At work they updated our handbook that we are not allowed to speak in spanish. Although they ask us to translate for them when needed. So we have answered back to doctors that we cant translate bc we are not allowed to speak spanish. Is this or can it be against the law?


  1. 1. Not allowed to speak Spanish at the office
    2. We CAN translate if it deals with business, translate for a client, or a doctor, nurse

    They just don’t want office workers chit chatting in Spanish.

    Ask in plain English, are we allowed to translate for clients and doctors?

  2. I’m not sure. It seems illegal to me, but you might get more luck asking this in the Law & Ethics section. I don’t think they should be able to do this because of the First Ammendment, but I’m not sure. The rules might be different if it’s a private business…

    Assuming this in the US.

    xRawR AdaMx

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