ok Im not mexican but im always being asked if i speak spanish because i have tanned skin and dark hair…….

anyways im native american and Im very tired of being asked why i dont speak spanish that would be like me going to mexico and wanting every mexican to speak english i think if u live in america u should speak english or go back to where u came from


  1. You did not ask a question but I will give you my opinion.

    I am saddened by your comments. As a Native American, you would dare tell someone that if they do not speak English they should go back to where they came from.

    Are you aware of the attrocities commited against Native Americans by English speaking colonists? You must know the history of your own people.

    WOW! I am now speechless.

    By the way, people probably ask you if you are Mexican or speak spanish becuase the indigenous peoples of the Americas resemble eachother. If you want to be anthropoligical about it, they are the same race but different ethnicity.


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