Okay, Well am I full Mexican or part Spanish and Mexican.?

My great grandfather was part Mexican/Spanish and my great grandmother was Portuguese/ Mexican. And I don’t know how much Spanish and Portuguese I have in my blood. Can you help me answer this question, please? Oh, yea I don’t know much about my father, except that he was from El Salvador.


  1. what do you mean by Mexican??? It isn’t a race. Mexican, like Americans, are made of different race. You got your Indians, Whites, mix( some white and some indian), and blacks. Just call yourself a mexican.

  2. you have 8 great grandparents and if ONLY 2 were PART mexican or spanish than youre salvadorian and w/e your mom is…i have portuguese and spanish in my blood but its only a little, like you so dont go around considering yourself something that was from 3 or more generations ago

  3. Mexican isn’t a race. So apart from being your nationality it cant be your race. People from El Salvador are usually like southern mexicans, pretty dark skinned and with many indigenous traits. We would need to know information of your other grandparents and great-grandparents to let you know how much spanish and portuguese blood you have.

    I have the same issue as you, except that most of my family are direct descendants from the spanish settlers on northern mexico. And I am trying to find out how much british blood I got in.


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