On the television show Dexter, why don't they have subtitles for when they speak Spanish?

I’d like to know what they’re saying when Spanish is spoken on the show. Why don’t they put subtitles?


  1. When a filmmaker doesn’t include subtitles (during moments when a foreign language is being spoken), it’s usually because they don’t want you to know what the character is saying. Either it’s unimportant or they deliberately want to keep what is being said a secret.

    In part, they may want to plunge the viewer into the world of the lead character — so if he doesn’t speak Spanish, he wouldn’t understand what was being said either, something that is shared by the viewer. To provide subtitles would be to give the viewer information that is not available to the character, and that is often not what the director wants.

    Although the character of Dexter speaks Spanish in the original books, the TV character does not speak or understand the language.

  2. because its filmed in california and you must know spanish to live here because the mexican people are taking over pretty soon the whole show will be in spanish with no english subtitles


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