People Of Hispanic Decent "Do you get offended when people of other races try to speak Spanish to you?

Anybody of Spanish, Hispanic, Latin American Decent it doesnt matter if you speak spanish or not but
does if offend you, make you angry, or do you find it funny when people of other races try to speak spanish to you? How do you feel when they try to speak spanish to you?


  1. My husband is from Puerto Rico and he doesn’t mind it at all, though he corrects me or calls me his "little Mexicana" because I tend to have a Mexican accent in my Spanish–or so he says.

  2. no i don’t. i find it cute that they are trying to speak spanish. but the way the white americans speak the spanish sounds totally funny.

    Miss Latin Lover
  3. i live in a place where theres lots of hispanics so most of my friends are hispanic and they just laugh when i [italian] try to speak spanish. they dont get offended or anything

    i eat ice.
  4. No, because "hispanic" is not a race, but an ethnicity. For example i’m asian hispanic, because my grandparents emigrated from Korea to Mexico many years ago, but i don’t spak Korean, my first language is Spanish so i’m Hispanic.
    Argentines are white; Dominicans are kinda black; Bolivians are Amerindian; but all they are Hispanic people.

  5. well im nigeria but when mi fam moved to america we were around a lot of hispanics so we had to learn spanish… i hope it doesnt offend yall

    Dont worry about it
  6. It used to, cause I’d be like I speak friggin English okay as I am an American! My boyfriend speaks spanish (white guy) and I told him straight up, if I wanted a mexican man I would’ve gotten with one. Being a biotch, because I had a silly problem with it. That was 10 years ago, and now I am proud of the fact he can speak it and I even tell people that speak only spanish that he can speak it too. Or if my mother thinks she is saying something he won’t know, I tell her he knows mother so lets speak german. It’s really not that bad, because in truth they may only be trying to show off they can speak your language. I know a bit of Korean, and I am proud to understand that language although it’s just a little. what’s funny is a spanish speaking Mexican that tries to speak English, Or rather it was when I was much younger,

    Pat G
  7. 1. "Descent", not "decent"
    2. What do you mean people of other races? Hispanic/Latino is not a race, therefore, they ARE people of "other races".
    3. Why would it offend Latin Americans that people love their culture enough to try and speak the language? They should be flattered if anything.

    ♥Smitty Werben Man Jensen♥
  8. My parents are from Latin America. And they’re born in what is consider a "Hispanic" country. But we are not like those Hispanic assimilated people…we are Natives, the people that were originally there. And Yes, it pisses me off when people expects me to speak Spanish which isn’t my native tongue.


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