People that speak spanish can take an english class for free Speak English you have to pay for spanish class

Why do I have to pay to learn how to speak Spanish? When someone that speaks Spanish can learn English for free? Most job want some one that can speak both languages


  1. I’m a teacher and to become one I had to train for long years of my life, invest lots of money on books and on-going training and brushing up/ updating/ courses/ etc, etc. I think that after all my hard work I deserve to get paid for what I do.
    Does it answer your question?


  2. Difficult question. Maybe the fact that Spanish is the most spoken language in the world has something to do with an answer to your question. I don’t know. BUT, IF I ONLY SPOKE SPANISH AND LIVED IN A SPANISH SPEAKING COUNTRY LIKE ‘CHILE’, I WOULD HAVE TO PAY TO LEARN ENGLISH!

    Joseph P
  3. Yeah It’s like that up here in Canada, I want to learn French but I have to pay for it, I’m right beside the Quebec border and everyone insists I speak French but I can’t afford it. But all over the city are signs that claim free English lessons!!!
    It ticks me off, the French want us to speak the language as a bilingual nation but charge the English for the lessons and take the English lessons for free.

    the old dog
  4. If I read what you wrote in your question, I’d say you need to brush up your English before tackling Spanish. Would you need to pay for that too?

    Mitt hjerte elsker Nat

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