please translate this for me, MEXICAN SPANISH/SLANG please?

translate this for me into spanish.. (slangish.. MEXICAN spanish)

I love to dance at clubs, espiecially with my papi’s. I hate fake bitches, but I love mine. If your going to start s h i t, don’t start myspace drama, please. you will never forget my name. and now it’s your turn. tell me.
Translate this from english to spanish.. spanish speakers only :]
my girls/bitches is what i meant.. but thank youu soo much Remy!! :]


  1. Mkk im mexican so ill be lets say informal

    Me encanta ir a bailar a las discos, especiamente con mi wey/chavo/novio/haino/galan/querer//romance/papito etc, odio a las viejas falsas, pero amo el mio ( mine what?? my bitch?), si vas a empezar a chingar, no empiezes con un dramita de myspace (or de internet if you want), por favor. Nunca vas a olvidar mi nombre (if he does so??that’ll be si lo haces)y ahora te toca. dime.

  2. I will help you but I´m not from Mexico I´m from Argentina,but anyway…

    Me encanta bailar en los boliches, especialmente con mi chico. Odio a las putas falsas, pero amo a la mia.Si vas a empezar a joder, no empiezes un drama con Myspace, por favor. Nunca te vas a olvidar de mi nombre.Y ahora es tu turno,contame.

    it doesn´t have too much sence to my but..that would be it.


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