POLL: Do You Know People Who Say Things Like “I Don’t Speak Mexican” Instead Of Spanish?

I know a bunch…..ahhhh the Southern U.S….Gotta love it 😛
I don’t care who you know more of, don’t change it around.

I said ‘a bunch’ not all, don’t get all upset over what is true


  1. yeah, there was also this one dumb girl at my school who said, "What language do puerto ricans speak? it would be soo cool to learn puerto rican!" i rolled my eyes, and was like, STUPID. LOL

    ~It's BRIT!~
  2. I know of people who refer to the Brazilian language (it’s Portuguese) and a family friend’s parents visited Kenya last year. She loves to boast about Mummy and Daddy’s travels. She told us this time about some words they had learned in Kenyan. I laughed at her parents ignorance and informed her that the principle languages of Kenya are Swahili (Can’t spell, I think it begins with a silent "K") and English lmao

    It felt good, believe me lol


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