Question for Mexican Spanish speakers! How bad is it to use "no mames" or "no manches"?

I know what they mean, but is one worse than the other? Would you ever use them when talking to maybe your parent or a teacher or something? Thanks!


  1. definitely without any hesitation, no mames is way worse than no manches, no mames is like SUCK IT IDIOT, jajaja or don´t be that stupid, as5h*le, jajaja it depends, no manches is not polite either, but it is not vulgar or rude, but is very very informal don´t ever EVER tell it to someone important like your boss or something like that, and it is like no way!! or are you crazy dude??!

  2. I think ”No mames” is worse because its like mexican slang and its considered a vulgar word and it is rude so it would be bad to say it to like parents or teachers 🙂

    No manches isnt that rude because its like saying. What, no way!

  3. No mames is rude but when you’re talkin’ to a guy it sounds normally, so it means like when someone tell you he’s gonna go to mexico and you answer are you kidding me? Last question means no mames,. – voy a mexico. -no mames, neta? = I’m going to mexico, R U kidding me, really? And no manches sounds less rude and has the same meaning than no mames. Those both words come from, mamar and manchar suck , no mames means don’t suck dicks

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