Question to hispanics born in the us. Do you prefer to speak spanish or english?

Ok let me clarify. We are in America and english is the language spoken. Its is the language of opprotunity. I am just asking what do you prefer to speak?? English or spanish?
For me I love to speak spanish. I love the flow and all of the lingo. Although i am not fluent i speak it every chance i get. I hope my question makes sense


  1. Spanish no doubt, makes me feel in touch with my roots, my traditions and my heritage. It make me love more this country, but also the country of my parents, Puerto Rico. Me gusta más, muchicimo más el español.

  2. both i like to speak spanish when im with family i hate it when people take advantage of it though like when they think they are all bad telling somebody off in a different language that the person obviously doesnt understand like come on if you have the stuff to say it in a different language have the balls to say it to them in the language they understand ya dig?

    lally j
  3. Well, mostly, i speak English and think in English. But i speak Spanish with my mom, uncle and grandpa etc. Like not fully Spanish, i guess Spanglish to be exact?

    Also, sometimes i speak English with other Hispanics. The reason is, i’m of boricua descent and most mexicano doesn’t fully understand my spanish nor do i fully understand theirs.

    SSgt. Aguilera
  4. I speak spanish to my family and other spanish speaking friends,and i listen to spanish music.It keeps me in touch with who i am.
    But i speak english more,as i know some americans(which i am) find it offensive and have told me not to do so.


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