Reliable Latin American/Spanish Translator?

Hi Everyone,

I need a reliable English to Spanish (preferably Latin American) online translator. This is not for school… I have several co-workers from South America whom I would like to be able to communicate with better. LOL dispatch is a bit rough when there are language barriers. Thanks for your help in advance!


  1. If you need full sentences translated, is ok, but has a high margin of confusing the true meaning of sentences.

    I recommend (I’m in love with it), its really useful for clearing up word meanings, slang, etc. You’ll have to piece it together a little, if you don’t already understand sentence structure.

    Of course no source online will perfectly put together a conversation, but these will help even the most lost of speakers.

  2. I have a pretty good one in my Spanish – English forum. Also if you would like, you can ask some questions in the forums about some of the particular things that you need to be able to tell them on a regular basis. We could definitely help you with that. Here is a link to the translator.

    To get to the main page, just look for the tab that says "main".
    Keep in mind that online translators are not always very accurate. They are really to give you a general idea of the meaning of the sentences.


    Cherry B

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