should a person of mexican/spanish descent be embarassed b/c he/she can't speak spanish?

some thoughts please…..thanks!
hey 123, i know they’re not the same thing, the slash is for spanish and/or mexican homie! DUH!


  1. Nope. The embarassed ones should be their parents. They tend to … get ashamed of their roots… so… they don’t speak spanish at home. I find that false pride stupid.

    I know that happens a lot in the USA, where you can see many people with features that shout "Made in Mexico" or "I’m hispanic" and can’t tie two words in spanish together.

    But they are not to be blamed.Their parents are responsible for this.

    When you have a baby he or she is able to learn ANY language spoken around him or her. A child born anywhere can easily learn as many languages as are spoken around him or her. It doesn’t matter if the language is spoken at home, at school, at TV programs, etc. So it is great if parents and older siblings speak their native languages, and the child listens to the local language at TV, radio, church, school…. This way he or she will learn both languages.

    Certainly I get revolted when I go to a McDonalds (I live in Mexico) and find a family speaking in english.. and if they "release" their kids at the playground you can’t tell who’s the "gringo" kid or who’s the mexican kid, they blend perfectly among the local children. Clearly they are here to visit their families, but yet the kids can’t talk to their grandma or grandpa because she or he does not speak english!!! That’s not only embarassing, that’s also sad.


  2. I have a friend of Russian descent who does not speak Russian. It happens to a lot of people who come to America. You should not be embarrassed. If you are however, I suggest you study Spanish. I’ve been studying it for 7 years and I’m not even hispanic or latino.

  3. No, I don’t think so. I’m of Russian and Irish descent, but I can’t speak or read Russian or Gaelic.

    I think it would be far more embarrassing to live in America and not know how to speak English.

  4. I would be.

    I wish people just stopped implying that ‘Mexican’ and ‘Spanish’ are the same thing. They are not. Mexico is a country and Spain a different country. People from Mexico are called Mexican and people from Spain are called Spanish.
    And there are MANY other countries where people speak the Spanish language.

    Those words are NOT synonyms.

    PS: Thanks for the thumbs down!!. But what I say is true. I’m from Latin America (not Spain, not Mexico).

    Brazilians aren’t called ‘Portuguese’, are they????

  5. No, however I think it is a shame that they can’t. Becuase two languages are ALWAYS better than one! And if you’re parents speak English and Spanish, it would be nice if you could…

    Guy Broflovski
  6. No. Even if you were born in a Spanish speaking country, then moved to another non-Spanish speaking country, you would have forgotten your Spanish.

    lemon cream l
  7. No, I don’t think so. I am of Russian decent and know only a handful of words. It is up to you whether or not you feel you need to learn the language, not people’s opinions.

  8. It strikes me that American socity is such that second generation people are positively discouraged from learning their parents’ mother tongue. I would reply by saying that such a person should not be embarrassed if he/she DOES speak Spanish….

  9. You should not be embarrassed. but learning a second language is always good. So since you have the opportunity to learn another language (maybe) at home, you should take advantage of it…. Other people would like to be in your place and have an easy time learning things with your family. Also, another language makes you more open minded and it may open doors for jobs. So give some thought. If i was you I would not be embarrassed, but definitely I would try to learn it.

  10. No, I don’t think so!
    I mean seriously, would anybody bother whether you speak Czech if your ancestor came from the Czech Republic? Surely not.
    Speaking Spanish would surely be an advantage, but this applies for everyone, not just for people of Mexican descent.

  11. I don’t think completely it’s not ur fault u don’t u know spanish ur parents should of taught u when u were a baby. Though u could teach urself.


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