Should Americans residing in the US learn to speak Spanish like Americans in Central and South America?

Should citizens of the US learn to speak French, Portegeuse, and Spanish like the rest of the Continent?


  1. the only thing i have to say is go learn how to communicate with scooby dooo. I’m tired of hearing this everyday. we have an official and national language and it’s English. read the 14th amendment. we are to speak the language the Constitution was written in.

  2. No. Our language is English. If Mexico spoke English then they’d learn English. Since they speak Spanish, they learn Spanish. It’s funny how it works like that, huh? And why didn’t you bother with Canada? They’re too nice to need your attitude?

  3. No.

    If I were to going to MOVE to a country in Central or South America, I would learn the language of that country, probably Spanish.
    If I were to move to France, I would learn French.
    If I were to move to Italy, I would learn Italian.

    And so on and so on.

  4. If I go to a foreign country the burden of communication is my own. Why should it be different for others? English is the first and only as far as I’m concerned, language required in the USA! Just that I may be able to speak other languages is my fortune not everyone has that luxury. When in Rome……..

  5. the problem goverment coward cant standing the right for this country,you come here follow the US culture not liberal culture so disgusting…if u dont like leave it and go back….but clinton for mexican open border but american

    liberal is problem
  6. There’s plenty of things that happen on the rest of this continent that don’t need to happen in this country but they seem to happen here anyways,- thanks to unwelcome guests that bring their nasty habits within our borders.

    Here in the United States of America- you can speak English just like the constitution is written in or get out-obviously if you can’t speak English in an English speaking society you can’t be much of an asset.

  7. No we speak English and should not have to cater to anyone who does not. My ancestors came from Poland and when they worked in the coal mines, they had to learn English and did. Most of ancestors that migrated here, legally, learned to speak the language and assimilated with the nation. They made it great, worked to build a better future, and did it together. Unlike most of these illegals that come here who have no respect for the nation or its people what so ever, why do you think they don’t speak the language, its called arrogance.

  8. It must be time for me to stir the pot. OK, I can see where it would be beneficial, it will never be a must. The Constitution was written in English, but can anyone tell us why the laws are written in Latin? And since they have a misconception of what is or is not understood shouldn’t they be written in terms that "we the people" know and understand? BTW, when Americans move to another country they are in need of a way to communicate with the natural citizens of that country. Likewise, if you move here it is necessary for you to understand and communicate with us. If I moved to any location in Latin America there is no way those people can be expected to accomodate my ways or my native language. Why don’t we make a demand of the Mexican Govt. to force the Mexican citizens to learn our language so that we can understand them in their own country? If you make a choice to live in an area that doesn’t CATER to your preferrences wouldn’t it be better to educate yourself instead of a whole country? Get Real, it will NEVER happen!!!!

  9. NO! They should not. It shouldn’t be a requirement. If english speaking people will be speaking any other language, that should be by their choice. And I strongly believe that people who want to come here in United States should speak English. They should be the one to adjust, it shouldn’t be that americans adjust to them!

  10. Everyone should speak the language of the country they are living in.

    WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO LEARN SPANISH! It is insulting to demand we learn Spanish for them to communicate!

    amnesty sucks
  11. No, anyone who wants to live in the US should speak English. If a person moves to another country to live then they should speak the language of the citizens.

  12. You really are an idiot aren’t you?

    Why should I learn the language of a country that is invading us?

    If you move to France do you expect them to learnd English for you? If you move to japan, should they all learn English for you? No, you would HAVE to learn their language. Why should we accomodate ILLEGALS by having to speak there crappy stupid slang? It is not even REAL Spanish.

  13. No, People in the US have their own language, people in Central and South America have their own languages. Why try to make everyone the same? And why should people in the US have to change their language to Spanish? We aren’t asking any other country to change their language to English.

    Burning In Water, Drowning In Flames

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