Should I have to speak Spanish to be a Great American?

Why does Obama think I need to teach my child Spanish? So he/she can speak a foriegn language while on vacation in Germany or France?


  1. I didn’t hear his speech, so I’m a little out of the loop. But, from what others have posted, I gather he criticized US citizens (once again) for being less than his elite self and friends.
    I speak Spanish, along with a little Japanese. Doesn’t make me any better or worse than anyone else. I think he is trying to compare us to the European people, who learn to speak several languages at early ages. But the US is a lot larger than most European countries. Most of us can’t "drive" to another country in an hour or two. In parts of Europe, you can drive through several countries in that time. They need to speak other languages to get along with their neighbors.
    We don’t. Most people in the US speak English. Even those who have immigrated. But it seems that there are some who don’t think they should have to learn english – that we should have to learn their language. BUL

  2. Why should we learn Spanish? This country was founded by English-speaking people and it needs to stay this way. No quero hablo Espanol. (I know, my Spanish sucks).

    Knowing second language has its benefits, but it should not be strictly Spanish.

    Kosher Biff
  3. Actually, speaking spanish does have its benefits for career advancement…I make 4 more an hour b/c i can speak it….besides, you cant change it, so why not embrace it? This isn’t a new concept…schools have required a foreign language for years to graduate

  4. I found it interesting he was talking about Europe then said we need to teach our children Spanish.

    I would also like to know why he thinks "They will learn English" when we have to have people who speak Spanish to accommodate those who don’t speak English.

    Sister blue eyes
  5. I speak spanish whats wrong with spanish . Well it’s good to know but shouldn’t be forced thats why we have the right to learn any language we want. An no you don’t have to know spanish to be a great American but youd be a more knowlegdeable one.

    carlos f
  6. parla spagnolo? no parlo italiano e ingles.

    I would rather learn Mandarin Chinese first…

    Sam, so tre lingue! ingles, italiano e olandese.
    Trans: Sam, I know 3 languages! English, Italian, and Dutch. And I would also like to learn Chinese. Maybe I watch too much Firefly but I do think that learning Chinese will be more helpful in the future.

  7. obama here.

    All the people that came to America in the past learned ENGLISH. So anyone coming in now should learn ENGLISH. What is so hard for these democraps to understand.

    Throw out the ILLEGALS and the ones that can stay must learn ENGLISH.

    Enough already.

    I am obama and I approved this message.

  8. It is to every American’s benefit to know a second language….whether it be german, french, japanese, spanish…whatever…

    You realize we are the only country in the world that has this major hangup about teaching our children a second language…

    Go practically ANYWHERE in the world, and almost EVERYONE knows a good bit of English as a second language….

    two people meet on the Euro train, one is Italian, one is French… so they communicate in English.

    English is a proxy language in most parts of the world…

    So what’s the big deal ?

  9. Obama is right.

    American companies no longer hire Americans, only illegal immigrants. If you speak Spanish you could pass as illegal and get a job. Half a minimum wage is better than nothing, right?

    See how Obama cares about the future of your kids.

    Кот М
  10. He is an elitist. Why would the average American who is never going to another country need to learn another language? Obama hates America. Look carefully at what he says, it is always negative.

    Probs 7
  11. Please show me where Obama said you have to speak Spainish to be a Great American. I already know you can’t, but you have misinterpreted his words to fit your agenda.

    Learning a foreign language is part of a quality, well rounded education. Most people want their children to be well educated, graduate from college and have a successful career. Your attitude sounds xenophobic and I feel sorry for your child. I would hope you would want unlimited opportunities and a wide open future for any child, not the narrowminded view that you hold.

  12. I think every American should learn another language. I did it when I was in High School, and again when I was serving this country overseas.

    Most countries around the world speak multiple languages, but Americans are resistant to learning another language.

    I think it makes Americans better "World Citizens" to learn another language.

  13. No but you should strive to speak Spanish. Personally, if I had children, I would HOPE they were taught another language and it does not have to be Spanish.
    Obama does not think your child needs Spanish but as a Spanish speaker, it has aided me in all aspects of life from work to travel.
    I lived abroad in Spain and Buenos Aires, which is so important now in my life. I consider anyone who can speak other languages just a tad more intelligent than the average American. Sorry, but your question is quite ignorant.
    Get your child to Spain, it is still in Europe or why not let him take French – problem solved.


    Los primeros colonos fueron españoles (Ponce de León) así que no estás muy enterado de la historia de Norteamérica. El castellano lleva mucho más tiempo como lengua hablada en América del norte que el inglés o el francés.The initial settlers were Spanish (Ponce de León) so you are not very au fait with the history of North America. Spanish has been spoken as a language in North America longer than English or French.


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