Should I learn peninsular or Latin American Spanish?

Well, actually I’m already near fluent is Spanish, and I have been taught Latin American Spanish. I want to speak peninsular Spanish though because I plan to study a semester in Barcelona or Madrid. The only problem is that I am American, and if I decide to get a job in which I work with Spanish-speaking people, I want to speak more their language (though I realize that both dialects are mutually intelligible).


  1. Hello!, being honest it doesn’t matter if you choose Latin American or Peninsular dialect, Its only "rhythm" and few words changed. (they are a small amount, so don’t worry)

    If you said you’ll work in Madrid, so the best is to learn Peninsular to avoid future problems.

    But, if in future,you want to work in other Spanish countries the best is latin american, Why? because they are more peoples and countries which speaks Latin American Spanish! but the bad side is that sometimes in Latinamerican we lost the good way to speak spanish correctly.. Its the same thing like UK and USA ..:P both are English in the end, but the difference you know what they’re

    It’s your choose, but if you want to know my opinion is : choose Peninsular ;p

    Michal Jeny
  2. Dude, Spanish is Spanish. The grammar is the same, wherever you come from. If you’re going to be dealing with Spanish people in your pofessional life, you’ll need proper Spanish, and not slang. So whatever ACCENT you speak in, anyone who knows the language will understand you. I think it’s all about accents. Spanish in Spane is the standard Spanish. Latin American Spanish is basically all its derivations. So all you really need to do is work on your accent, and then when you go live there, you’ll pick up on the way Spanish people talk.

    Nix Gaunt Lestrange

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