Should I learn sign language or to speak spanish?

I have decided to either learn to speak spanish fluently or learn American sign language. I can’t do both so I have to choose one. Does anyone know if one is more marketable than the other. My goal from learning one of these languages is to make myself more marketable career wise.


  1. Spanish.
    Its so much easier to learn (I’m a fluent speaker in Spanish)
    Its more useful, More people use it rather than sign language

    ·°●¤» кιωι gяáçỤ●°·.
  2. I agree with the first comment, Learning Spanish in America is VERY useful! Sign language is a novelty. Can you hear? Have you ever hung out with deaf people? Jesus Fukin’ Christ! It’s like
    fingers on a chalk board! Now Mexicans, I love Mexicans! I love Mexican food, I love Mexican culture, I love working with Mexicans! Mexicans are some of the nicest, hardest working, family oriented people you will ever meet! I wish that I could communicate with more of them. Deaf is a culture, but I know very little about it.. Do what your heart tells you I guess. I live in Japan and I am trying to learn Japanese. I would love to learn Spanish someday so I could talk to more Mexican people.

    Toilet Finger!
  3. Spanish is something you can use every day and in day to day living. Sign language is much more lucrative as far as professionally because there aren’t many signers.

  4. You say you want to "make yourself more marketable" but, unless I read wrong, I don’t see anywhere in your question what that market is.

    If you are working with kids, especially with preschoolers, you may want to learn Sign Languate. Young children sometimes do not have the vocabulary to express themselves the way adults do–thus the temper tantrums. By knowing Sign Language, you can incorporate that into your daily lessons and give the kids an outlet for expressing themselves.

    If you are going into corporate America, you may want to take the Spanish route becuse there are so many Spanish speakers in America.

    If you really want to learn both, there are wonderful websites out there where you can teach yourself either one.

    Good Luck!


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