Should it be mandatory to speak Spanish & understand Mexican culture for Law enforcement in the South West?

Speaking more than one language is cultural enrichment. Most civilized and industrialized countries are bilingual or trilingual.
Why the USA is not if Spanish is spoken by millions and it represents the second most spoken language across nation?


  1. If it’s not mandatory for outsiders to learn english, which is our first language. then why should we have to learn their language.

    Hey if they don’t want to speak english then that’s fine, but nothing should be mandatory. My grandparents came here from Italy, and i speak english, so i don’t understand why it’s so hard for others who come here.

    mega million
  2. NOPE.

    When you cross the US Border…. you conduct business in ENGLISH…… just as if I were to go to Mexico, I would EXPECT to be EXPECTED to be able to speak Spanish.

    If you no habla, then you shouldn’t be going anywhere without some one who can habla for you.

  3. No that is being biased to other races, if they aren’t made to also learn all other languages and culture then No.
    I live in houston and I can tell you that alot of the time these people should learn english. It is unfare to demand that we change our language to suit them when the move here but when we move there not to require them to all learn english.

    If they aren’t made to learn native american languages too then it’s all wrong and racist by thinking this country should bow a knee to their culture.

    Texas lady
  4. Absolutely not. If you make it mandatory to learn Spanish, why not make it mandatory to learn French? Or Italian? Or Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Russian, Tagalog, Farsi, Arabic, Ebo, Swahili, or any other of languages you might run into? Why leave them out? There’s enough availability of officers who speak Spanish that at worst, it’s gonna be a little longer to make the report while you wait for the other officer to arrive.


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