Should mexican restaurants be forced to serve only American food? And speak only English?


  1. Then why call it a mexican resturant then, pretty much defeats the purpose of eating mexican food. If I wanted what you suggested I would go to mc donalds.

  2. You can always choose to take your buisness else where. I do understand your frustration when you are unable to understand the people waiting on you, but that isn’t there fault. Those places are to cater to people who are willing to go through the trouble. Just go to a different spot that meets your needs instead of worrying about one that doesn’t. That’s how capitalism works. The ones who meet the public demands are the ones that work. There is no point in forcing people to conform for nothing.

  3. Why would we FORCE mexican food restaurants to serve American food? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose? They should be required to speak English, since we are in the USA. They also should be required to hire ONLY legal Americans, no illegal migrants! Mexican food is yummy. They should serve mexican food, but speak English. Just my thoughts though.

    Little Sexy Devil
  4. Now that’s just crazy talk. If you don’t want an "authentic" Mexican experience go to Applebee’s. Otherwise don’t complain if the Mexican restaurant has native Spanish speakers and no hamburgers or french fries.

  5. Then Chinese restaurants could serve only hamburgers…Thais restaurants, too. What about Indian and Italian? You want to eat American …go to McDonald’s.

  6. What kind of ignorant American are you to ask a question like this? As a proud Mexican you are asking for the Government to force Mexican restaurants to force crappy American food, then go as far as tell them how to run their business. Your totally insane. America is the land of opportunity, it’s no different for you or any other race/ethnic group. If you dislike them so much just stop visiting them, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.

  7. I lost you at "should they serve only American food". sorry, but that’s a very stupid concept. I do believe that they should hire people who are legally here, and people who speak enough English to be able to interact with clients and to handle any possible emergencies, but that has nothing to do with your question.
    if I wanted to eat greasy American food and be served by a bratty middle-class teen, I’d go to a chain restaurant, not to a Mexican restaurant.

  8. Yes absolutely. The same thing with the Italian, German and French Restaurants, except the French restaurants would only be allowed to sell Freedom Fries and serve California wines.

  9. I live in New Mexico of the United States of America. I am Mexican-American and love the food of my culture. The funny thing is that our country, the United States of America is only 200 years old, but my family line of this land goes back 2000 years. I think my people have adapted and changed just fine, and they are able to run restaurants too. So, if you do not like Mexican food and the environment, that is fine with me, just do not go there if it is an experience which you do not care for.

    Robert O
  10. Mexican food,
    I would give my bottom dollar, to be able to put my feet under the table of a Mexican restaurant. Here in New Zealand, is no such thing.
    To drink in the atmosphere, the smell, the language.!!!!
    If you do not like Mexican food, don’t go there, but respect its existence.
    And its custom.
    And now, back to my sandwich (which is an English invention)


    Franciscus v
  11. This is America. If I as a mexican american want to open a mexican restaurant and serve authentic mexican food, then tht is what i am going to do.I believe that is insane and discriminatory.

  12. Anyone living in the U.S. should know how to properly communicate with it’s citizens…business is another story. You are usually there at the Mexican (or any) restaurant for authenticity…


  13. This troll’s question is so pathetic, I won’t even waste my time trying to provide an educated answer that will obviously no be understood. I suggest the rest of the YA community do the same.

  14. your question is stupid and does not make any sense…..why would an mexican restauarant serve american food thats why its called an MEXICAN RESTAURANT…..and speak english only for your info. you RACIST they speak both or they understand english. I hope next time you eat at a mexican restaurant they spit or do something nasty to your food. because you deserve it.


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