should there be a law stating that all mexican should learn to speak english before they come to america???

i think they should probably try to at least try!!!


  1. No, they should learn it, but we absolutely should NOT make it a law. No other country, even Iraq…makes people coming in learn their language.

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  2. yes. most definately. unless they want to be working in the back of restaurants all their lives. it’s the same if we (americans) were to go to china and try to come up by only speaking english.

  3. As much as I support letting anyone who wants a better life to come to America, I think that showing no effort to learn the native language means you don’t want a good job too bad, now does it?

    Yes, there should be a law. Or at least a small quiz.

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  4. I ask the same question not just for Latin American for Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Pakistanis, etc ,etc, etc if you apply to one culture should be for everyone else, I know people from other countries that can speak a thing at least Spanish is more similar to English in a way and you can understand.each other but Asians and Africans you can’t

  5. All air traffic controllers in every country in the world are required to learn English to do the job properly.

    What ever country a person lives in they should learn the Language. Intelligent people do.

  6. I dont think there should be a law stating that mexican’s should learn english because English is not even the official language of the United States and Mexicans are not the only immigrants coming into this country. But I also agree that if would help them but shouldnt be made into a law.

    Both of my parents came to the united states 30years from Mexico as immigrants. . .and both of them busted there butts. . they both went to school here to learn English. . my dad worked and went to school part time. . my dad did so well he got a full scholarship to go to culinary school and my mom went to school as well. There both US Citizens and my mom is an accountant and my dad is a chef. Just wanted to put my 2 cents because im proud of what my parents have done.

    Anyways my point is that there are some immigrants that come in to this country and they expect everything to be handed to them, and there are others that come to this country and give it there all to make a better life.

  7. I wonder if you also think there should be a law that people using Yahoo Answer write using correct English?

    Or are you the kind to only notice others mistakes and not your own?

    Tab H
  8. As a matter of respect for those that live in that country, fought for that country, and founded that country….one should learn the language of that country in which they move.

    It doesn’t matter if you are Mexican, Indian, Russian, Chinese, etc….if you move to a country where your language is NOT the primary language, you must adapt and assimilate to that country and culture. Otherwise, you are disrespecting that country, and the people that live there.

    One must remember, that you want to be a part of this country, why take measure or steps to distance yourself from the place you long to be a part of? It really makes no common sense.

    If an American moves to, Estonia for example, we would be required to learn the language. That new country should not have to change itself to accommodate those that are not truly native.

    If someone is not willing to change themselves to live in their new enviornment, you should simply move back. That goes for any immigrant to any country. Period.


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