Spain Spanish or Mexican Spanish, which is the preferred for web design of an international company?

we are translating our companies website into spanish,a dn are having a depate on which dialect of spanish we should use. We do business in Latin America and Europe. I can’t find any white papers on it. Anybody experience the same thing? What did you decide on? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


  1. I believe it would be Spain Spanish because Spain Spanish is the real Spanish language becuase it comes directly from Latin. Mexican Spanish is just a Spanish dialect.

  2. Both previous answers are partially correct. Spain Spanish is "true" Spanish, the others are just dialects. At the same time, however, you would be wise to consider your total target audience and appeal to them. If the majority of your customers are from Mexico, for instance, you would be wise to go with that, as the nuances of the language would be more recognized by that audience.

    I have run into this same issue when writing television scripts for the Hispanic audience, and have come to appreciate that there are definitely differences between Chicano Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Cuban Spanish and the like. At some point, you simply have to decide who do I least want to offend.

    Good luck.

  3. hmmm a lot of the difference to me comes from the pronunciation, Spanish people speak softer than Hispanics from Latin America. also the whole vosotros thing is odd. However, I believe that Mexican people are easier to understand when they speak spanish, because in Northern Mexico, accents are rarely heard, even though Spain Spanish is ‘true’ Spanish, i would advice to maybe find words that are common in both dialects

  4. For an international company recommend the Spanish of Spain, but if the company works exclusively in some other American country is better to use the dialect of the country.

    Gloria R

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