Spanish Speakers, do people from Equitorial Guinea speak good Spanish?

I heard this place in Africa called Equitorial Guinea has Spanish as the official and most widely spoken language in that country. But, they only have like around 1 million people. I never heard someone from their speak Spanish. Do people from there speak good Spanish? How does it sound? Thanks!:)


  1. I’m Spanish, and it sounds to me with a little African accent. I’ve got an Guinean friend, and he speaks perfect Spanish (after being 3 years here). He told me that people in Guinea speak almost the same words, with no variations (excepting accent). I really like how they speak.

    M Mm
  2. I believe that you haven’t heard many people from there speak spanish because there aren’t many people from Equatorial Guinea. But yes I believe they speak the same spanish as they speak in the other parts of the Hispanic World, though obviously they have a regional dialect.

    Camille Renard

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