Speaking Spanish to someone who you know doesnt speak the language?

I have a friend who says things and makes comments to me in Spanish, knowing full well I have no idea what he is saying. Hes not being mean, but when I tell him this is rude, he thinks not. Any opinions?


  1. Don’t even get me started… If you are going to speak another language then that of the nation you are in, you better be ready to translate PRONTO!

  2. It’s rude if he doesn’t make the effort to make sure you understand. If he’s going to speak Spanish he should make sure you know whats going on & if not then yea! it is rude

  3. he is obviously getting a rise out of your reaction. if he wasnt looking for a reaction, then he would just think things in his head. However, if you have seriously asked him to stop, he should consider respecting that, or at least keep it to a minimum just to tease you for fun. I dont know his intentions, but if hes being sleazy and saying things like that then it is rude. Its rude if it really makes you uncomfortable

  4. If that is his first language, then it’s not really rude. Sometimes, it just slips out. If you didn’t have English as a first language and was more used to another language, then I bet you’d start mixing your more comfortable language with the standard. I mean, if you KNOW he’s not being mean… then I don’t see why you’d tell him it’s rude. It’s just natural to him. It’s not like he’s purposely saying it to exclude you. Secondly, why don’t you take this time as an opportunity to learn a few new words from a different language? It’s pretty useful, and it obviously contributes to your wealth of knowledge and cultural upbringing.

    If you’re that curious, there’s this thing you can do… ASK him. *shrugs* Sometimes, I speak in different languages, too, just because I’m proud of the fact that I know them and I get to utilize them. If one of my friends don’t understand, well, they usually just ask out of pure curiosity. They never feel like I’m excluding them… unless he’s talking with a superior tone of voice, I’d say it’s not mean.

  5. It’s pretty inconsiderate and just plain rude of him. He clearly has a superiority complex and wants to be sure that you are aware of the fact that he knows something that you don’t know. I wouldn’t exactly call him a friend. Get rid of him!

  6. I gnore him when he does that and never ask him to explain to u… after sometime he will feel as if he is speakng to him self and will stop it…it IS rude..speciallt that u asked him not to. Tip: if you know a language that he does not know start using it with him…that will tease him lol.

  7. I fully agree with you and I know it is rude!
    Since he thinks his bad manners are winning points on his little island inside his head. I would blantently ignore him when he does it and even walk away.

    Next time he sees you he may say "hey you were rude in walking away". Then you can say well now you know how I feel when you are rude to me and keep me quessing.

    In any relationship communication is vital. Thanks for sharing your situation…good luck with the out come!

  8. If you’re living in a Spanish-speaking country, then no, this would not be rude.

    But I’m assuming that you’re not, in which case, yes, I think your friend isn’t being very considerate of you.

    I’m bilingual in English and Spanish, and I never speak in one of these languages if I’m talking to someone who I know doesn’t speak it.


    Julia Encarnacion

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