SURVEY: What Do You Think Of People Who Say Things Along The Lines Of “I Don’t Speak Mexican”?


  1. I think they are just naive.
    Not everyone has been exposed to people of different ethnicities.
    Obviously, it’s not the politically correct thing to say, but I really don’t think everyone knows that. I don’t think they’re trying to be rude. Someone just needs to teach them.

  2. Its PURE ignorance… but its no difference than when I hear someone to tell a MEXICAN TO SPEAK AMERICAN…. WTF….

    Yeah they are over here in America but I could of swore we spoke ENGLISH not AMERICAN….

    Its all just pure IGNORANCE… Maybe if we started treated everyone as if we were ALL the same color race and religion then maybe just maybe we could all just get along….

  3. I love the amount of people that have posted answers that don’t quite get it.

    Yes, anyone that would say such a thing should just be walked away from slowly. No sudden moves. …just let them stew in their own ignorance.

  4. Funny.

    My buddy, whom is from Mexico says that all the time. So when he goes a bit off the English I/we tease him a bit by saying, "I Don’t Speak Mexican." We are friends but in another context it is very rude-as it is meant to be.

    Face in the Crowd
  5. putos, pinches hijos de su madre, nah i don’t think much i say , you racist fool how can you speak mexican if it is not a language its a form of talking, like dominincans its an accent, or well not really i am a mexican and i say i don’t care as long as they don’t say some racist remark after that , if they do they gonna wake up with me next to them.

    jimmy's the name.
  6. They’re the same people who say "I don’t speak Indian." Or "I don’t speak Belgium." Or "I don’t speak Iranian." Or "I don’t speak Brazilian."

    crazyy biitchh <3
  7. they dont speak mexican. there is nothing wrong with it.. oh yah.. now i get it. well i do it all the time to my hispanic boyfriend just joking around a crap. but i tell him i odnt speak mexican

    i ♥ u MXS...... ♥JLR♥ vegetarian
  8. ignorant people

    i think that if they expect us to respect their cultures , they have to respect other cultures too.

    am mexican

    i hate those negative comments about mexicans and hispanic people…

  9. they are dumb, because Mexican people speak spanish not mexican. That is kind of like me saying that I only speak American. but i speak english even though i am from america!

    ♥Mrs. Michael Phelps♥
  10. That they have a valid point as people from Mexico speak as much Spanish as we speak English. We speak American English and that is almost a completely different language from UK English. I would prefer that they said they don’t speak Mexican Spanish (versus Castillan Spanish, etc.) but I really don’t give a flip about political correctness. That should have died out with the USSR-so get over that people. They are not stupid or idiotic as some poster suggest, they are just speaking their native language.

    Supreme Evil Overlord

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