ta bueno means okay in mexican spanish?

does ta bueno mean its okay in mexican spanish?


  1. ok i explain u, that expression is colloquial in Mexico and means like… you said to your dud OH YEAH THATS OK orThat’ss fine, "ta" is a way to make it shorter if that person said that to you in a sarcastic way it means.(..mmm ok)but if said been happy or excitedit mean THATS COOL or Is great you Know depends by the way the person told you if said in a normal way it means that something is ok

  2. I don´t think that´s mexican spanish, I think it´s argentinian spanish, in Argentina they say "ta bueno" when they (only girls) like someone, when they think that someone is hot or cute, it could be wrong but that´s an argentinian expresion

    "ta bueno" means "está bueno" it could mean "he is cute" (someone likes someone) or "it´s good", depending on the context

    ("it´s okey" means "está bien" in every speaking spanish country)

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  3. " ta bueno" is a colloquial way of saying " Esta bueno" That means It is cool, or it is fine. I am a Venezuelan spanish speaker and we use that expression a lot. However, I have spanish speaking friends from other countries and when they talk to me they use it very often as well, so regardless the country where people come from, it is a phrase that you will hear most of the spanish speakers saying it.


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