the difference between spain spanish and latin american spanish?

i just want to know! and lol can someone teach me spanish? like in latin america not spain


  1. There are a lot of differences. Sometimes in Spain they just use a different word for things, example in Latin America car is "carro" and in Spain, it’s "coche." Also, in Spain they use vosotros as an informal you plural, as opposed to ustedes.

  2. One thing I can think of is the use of "cojer"
    In Latin America, "coger" can mean "to have intercourse"
    while "cojer" means "to take" in Spain

  3. Yeah, like in American and UK English.
    There are differences in pronunciation, sentence construction, and word usage.

    Latin American Spanish also has many variations in itself. Different countries use different forms of the language.

  4. I’m spanish and I find so many differences with the spanish spoken in Latin america that I wouldn’t know where to start! We don’t pronounce the same way, for example, "C" is pronounced similar to "S" in Latin America, but not in Spain. And there a lot a lot of words that don’t have the same meaning here and in America.


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