The new Mexican Immigrant Law in the USA? Should you speak ENGLISH??

I personally believe English should be the Universal Language for the United States…however, there’s alot of accomodating for spanish-speakers!!~! I can NOT go to Mexico and demand they speak English —what’s up with this???


  1. No matter the state have you ever wondered how someone that cannot speak English can pass the test for a drivers license? I mean aside from pictures aren’t road signs in English?

  2. well, i’m sorry to say to all the ILLEGALS, but you WILL be REQUIRED to speak ENGLISH. that is the law, and that has always been the law, if you don’t like it, go back to mexico and wallow in filth and ignorance.


  4. it should be a requirement bucause it is our national language, and we are being soft about it because we have groups like the ACLU who demand the we accomadate those living illeagly within our borders

    Christopher V
  5. YES they should speak the language,why should I feel like I’m in a different country when I’m just trying to do some shopping and a whole bunch of foreign peeps go by,yakking away in whatever language they want to??? Use it in their homes or whatever but when in public SPEAK ENGLISH!!

  6. In order to be successful in the US, one has to speak English. I don’t think that legislating it to be an official language will change much of anything. Remember, the US owns Puerto Rico, a Spanish speaking island. Government forms are in Spanish primarily because of Puerto Rico, not Mexico.

  7. Oh my god, get over it.

    They’re not trying to demand anything, they just want the ability to have equal rights and recognition in the States. They want to be able to become a citizen, vote, own their own home, and get fair wages. However, to do just become a citizen they have to learn English and English is a very hard language to learn. They can’t go to school and learn it as adults because the measly wages they get as adults can barely cover the small shack they live in. Therefore, their children go to school and their children can learn English and help them instead. (Which happened YEARS ago when all kinds of immigrants flooded the States.)

    No one said they weren’t willing to learn English–hell, my bet is most of them are–but it’s hard to learn a language when you’re in another country without at least getting some help along the way. Not to mention English is, naturally, one of the hardest languages to learn if you’re not originally born here. (And even still the natives manage to screw up how to do it.)

    Things being in Spanish can help them see their way through things. They realize fully that never will they get a good job until they learn English, but even you do not know English perfectly inside and out. (Such as "a lot" is two bloody words.) But that doesn’t mean, magically, the States will allow Spanish as a second language. They won’t allow same-sex marriage, they want to stop abortion, they want the Church to begin ruling the U.S., so they definitely won’t allow their precious society have to change to accommodate Spanish-only speakers.

  8. Spanish speaking immigrants come from all over Latin America, not just Mexico. Don´t blame just the mexicans for that matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  9. I am so tired of if you want this message in Spanish press 2, One language English is enough. Plus their is a safety matter. Look out-if you can not understand the people in a country you are at risk for many things-that is why you have a united language-it has a purpose.

  10. There is no law that enforces what people speak. All businesses are allowed to offer multilingual services if they choose. Governments still offer multiple language documents. Here in California all public school instruction must take place in English, but even that is not enforced. Would it be nice if we all spoke the same language? I don’t know. It seems like it would be unifying, though.

  11. If they expect to go somewhere in this country, they need to learn English. However, in the city I live in 96% Mexican, the signs are all in Spanish, advertisements in Spanish etc.
    I live near a library paid for with tax payer money, where the majority of the books are in Spanish. Why should they have to learn English, when we cater to their every whim. There is also a large population of Asians in my city, there are no books in their language. Yet they are willing and delighted to live here and speak English.

  12. Of course, we are not in Mexico and that is why they are coming here in the first place… FLEE Mexico and come here for a better chance. If they cannot abide by our laws and embrace our culture, which will give them every opportunity they didn’t have in their country, then they should go back. That inclused making an effort to speak our language.

    On another note….

    We are closing our borders on July 4th!!!! Please visit to find out how you can participate….it doesn’t matter where you live, all across the country people are gathering on our Independence Day for 1 hour to protect our borders. Please help spread the word.

  13. They should speak english. This isn’t mexico. I don’t think we should pay our tax dollars to print signs and other stuff for people who are here illegally in the first place

  14. I think people who plan to live here should learn English because otherwise society self-segregates into them and us, which is divisive. We have over 100 languages here, and assimilation is what makes the melting pot work. One problem across the world and across history with too great a level of immigration too fast is that the society doesn’t assimilate, and tensions arise.

    However, I think we should also recognize that there is a learning process involved and be helpful. Voter materials in other languages (whichever other language) in areas where there are a large number of ESL speakers is helpful, not objectionable, to me. However, I think the newcomers intending to live here should make a real effort to learn the language.

  15. speak English or get out

    oh and to spookysickness

    until then they are common criminals and anyone helping them should be charged with aiding and abetting.

  16. Communication amonst those in compex societies is important. The more people speaking the same language in any country or setting is extremely important for all governmental functions to effectively operate. Especially if the country has a capitalistic economy. Language barriers obstruct communication and narrows the scope of understanding also leading to ambiguity. Often, and in addition to the language issue, people that immigrate into a foriegn country are also faced with adjusting to another culture and mannerisms. If a person wants to effectively communicate with others in another country, learn the language or remain in ethnic communities within that country. I need to take a course in world linguistics and language. I found it interesting to find that English the third most spoken world language preceeded by Spanish (2) and (1) Mandarin Chinese!

  17. I think it’s good to speak the language of whatever country you are going to, especially if you plan on living there. I live in England, and I worked in a shop recently, we had several people, who live in England come into our shop and talk to us in their own languages, I had to guess what they were saying, there were a couple of French ladies who were only here on holiday, they made a good effort to speak English to me, so I answered them the best I could in French! I’m not the typical English person who thinks everyone in the world should speak our language and I don’t just shout at foreigners in English, I try to speak and learn the language of whatever country I go to. Sorry, I’m ranting again, but it really does annoy me!

  18. Yes, they should be required to learn to speak at least basic, passable English if they are going to live here. In addition, they need to assimilate. Seems that they just want to send money back to "my country" and not even bother with basic English because they can find a neighborhood to live in where nobody uses it! They just don’t seem interested in assimilating like the immigrants of yesteryear. The Europeans wanted to become Americans and were patriotic to a fault! They may have spoken the language of the "old country" at home but the children had to learn English and they did. To have everything printed in Spanish, or any other language, does the immigrants and America a tremendous disservice. It fosters an entitlement mentality and further fragments our society. A common language unifies us.
    This once great "melting pot" is now becoming more of a really bad stew with large chunks of ingredients which just don’t blend.

  19. Well it used to be a requirement for naturalization. Now it seems like anything goes. You can hate America, burn the flag, refuse to apply for citizenship, work for money under the table, use hospitals for free health care, send your kids to the public schools and refuse to speak the English language. Welcome to America, how can we cater to you today?

  20. I personally think that anyone wanting to come to the U.S. and work their ass off to make a better life for themself and their families/children, should be welcomed…that’s what the U.S. is all about and, after all, other than the descendants of Native Americans, we’ve all descended from immigrants from somewhere else! However, in order to become a part of the greater society, contribute to it, earn a living and improve one’s life, it would seem absolutely ESSENTIAL to learn the language of the land, and YES, ENGLISH IS STILL THE LANGUAGE OF THE LAND. It baffles me to no end as to why someone would make the effort to relocate from someplace else to the U.S., only to remain isolated and unable to participate in society because of a language barrier. It sort of defeats the purpose of their coming to the U.S. to begin with.


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