This girl i work with likes me. She's mexican and don't speak english. And she's very attractive.?

I only speak a little spanish. Not enough to carry on a coversation either. I need help. Can anyone give me any pointers. Like any online sites that would help me learn spanish quickly. Without paying any money. Or maybe any books.


  1. learn it! you think she’s attractive then show her you care and learn her language! money doesnt matter on a case like this. you love her like her carefor her then learn it!

    ♥uR mY eVeRyThInG♥
  2. I beleave you can get tapes form the library..She if she would like to teach you she will like it that you want to learn her language..all I know is french sorry couldnt be mor e of a help … of luck!

  3. Good for you trying to make an effort to communicate with her. It’s has been my experiance, and check it out for your self, that she very well can probably speak english and it will be limited and/or broken english, but if she likes you she is probably too embaressed to try to speak it to you or in front of you. Why don’t you try talking to her in the little spanish that you know and let her know you are will to try in spanish if she will try in engllish and maybe she will feel a little comfortable and let her guard down. GOOD LUCK! Buena Suerte!

  4. Any book should help you out, especially ones designed for children, because they are straight forward and simple, with pictures to assist.

    The best part about the fact that neither of you can communicate well in the other’s language is that there’s your open door. Practice your Spanish with her, and you can help her with her English. Charades works well and is a great ice breaker. Show her that you’re trying to learn, and you won’t have to worry about finding stuff to talk about for the first little while.

    Good luck.

  5. u can either learn spanish or teach her english! if i were u i’d learn & teach at the same time it would probaly be more interesting. If u teach her & learn she’ll proably be even more intereted in YOU!

    Reagan A
  6. I’m sure she speaks a little bit English. I’m Hispanic and can’t speak good English, and I’m sure she wants to learn English too, she would be very happy if you teach her. If she is in this country is because she wants to speak English too. I think is the best you can do, Spanish is very difficult to learn quickly. I believe she could learn English faster than you Spanish. If you want, you can start talking with TU ERES MUY BONITA, QUIERO SALIR CONTIGO means "you’re pretty, I want to go out with you"

    susan r

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