USA: do you learn spanish spanish or mexican spanish?

Hello everybody!

I ask you because I know in other countries they learn spanish spanish.

Well, I know spanish is the language more studied in USA, after english of course! but I don’t know if you learn spanish Spanish or spanish Mexican, in Mexico, we learn American English, because is the closest and important. I know may be Mexican spanish is not so important but:

Do you learn Mexican spanish?

Thank you very much.!


  1. We learn Spanish here but it’s not so much the words that are different it’s the pronunciation. We usually learn to pronounce words like all other spanish speaking countries except Spain. Also, they usually don’t teach vosotros in schools (at least I didn’t learn it)

  2. Sweetheart, there’s not such thing as a Mexican Spanish.

    Between the Spanish of one country and another country, there’s the culture difference, which might change the use of some words, and the difference on intonation, which is particular of each country. But, it doesn’t mean it’s *another* Spanish. You will even find a sharp differences in the use of the language among the different regions of the same country. That’s why there’s what’s called "neutral" Spanish, meaning that slang and regionalism are avoided. My husband is Hispanic and he travels all Central America and South America on business, and he uses a neutral Spanish to make himself understood.

    Take Great Britain, Australia, English Canada and the USA, the language is the same but the use of the language depends on the country. But, there’s always a "neutral English in which people of all of them can understand each other.


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