Usted in Latin American Spanish language – is tu unnecessary?

Am learning beginner’s Spanish of Latin American. We learned today that vostos is not used the formal ustedes is always used. But so does that mean that tu is not used as well? Does that mean tu is basically redundant and unnecassary in Latin America?? Like would you even call mother or father usted instead of tu???


  1. Mmm… in Latin America we use TÚ (except in Argentina and Uruguay, there they use VOS) But we never use VOSOTROS, at least in Latin America. LoL, if you call your mother or father USTED or TÚ is the child’s choice. I call my parents TÚ. But there are other group of ppl that call their parents USTED, in order to show more respect.

  2. Your question is a good one and a rather complex one. As you are a beginner, we’ll stick to the situation in standard Spanish. This is that "tú" is used in Latin America just as in Spain, EXCEPT in Argentina and Uruguay, where they have a special form of their own: "vos" which takes a form that looks a bit like the "vosotros" form without the last "i":

    Vos hablás = tú hablas
    Vos sos = tú eres
    Vos tenés = tú tienes.

    In dialect and regional forms the use of tú, vos and ustedes is so complicated and mixed up that it is much easier to stick to standard forms.


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