Venezuelan girl can't understand Mexican Spanish?

I was at a party, making small-chat with a girl from Venezuela, and she said that she can understand most Spanish accents but can’t understand a thick Mexican accent?

What is a Mexican accent anyway, and what makes it so different from, say, a Colombian accent that others don’t understand it?


  1. yes i agree with the user that said that all spanish speakers should understand all spanish accents.


    if its very very very thick, plus the different terms the mexican use (e.g. most spanish countries say "Amigo" for friend but mexicans say "Cuate" or "Buey")

    trust me, im venezuelan.

    Warrah People
  2. I am Colombian and I understand Mexican spanish perfectly. There are slight difference, minimal difference, but you can still understand it. I have been to Mexico many times and I speak perfectly fine, I have a different accent, but it’s fine.
    All spanish speaking people should be able to understand all the spanish spoken in the world.

  3. This girl from Venezuela is telling you something weird. Both venezuelans and mexicans speak spanish… I can’t see why this girl wouldn’t understand mexicans. It is the SAME language. Besides within Mexico there are many different accents. There’s not a single mexican accent, so she cannot speak about A mexican accent because there are VARIOUS mexican accents. I don’t understand why she said that. I understand both accents perfectly.

    Monica Rodriguez

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