What are affordable and tasty Spanish or Mexican food I can bring in for my Spanish project?

I am taking Spanish 1 at my college and we are doing a spanish project on spanish speaking countries like Spain and Mexico and telling the class a few things on each country. I wanted to bring in food for the class, but I wasn’t sure of what to bring in. What are some food or appetizers that are tasty and it won’t be too messy for a class around 20 that is affordable too?


  1. There are lots of things that you could bring…for example Nachos and Cheese …you couldnt even put peppers or whatever you want on the nachos..Im sure everyone would enjoy it! 😀

    Brittany Lister
  2. well it would take in a little money but there are delicious Mexican wraps sold by Dominoes and other companies. Other food items that are famous in Mexico are tortillas, tacos and Mexican red beans.

    & good luck 4 the project

  3. buy a big tray of small Empanadas – those things need to have minced beef inside and they should taste a bit like Cottage pie beef otherwise it’s not Spanish

  4. Here you go…typical (VERY) Spanish tapa food…just cut into wedges so there are enough for everyone to sample…won’t even offend anyone unless they are vegan!


    https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Grilled-Bread-with-Catalan-Butter-5477 (won’t even offend a vegan!) This one is more typical of the Catalán region (as obvious from the title.) Oh, heck! That recipe, and all the others I’m finding are too complicated! Get some over-ripe tomatoes, a little olive oil, a clove of garlic and some onion…sautee the onion, add garlic, then, when the onions are soft and translucent, you add the tomatoes, cook down until it’s really like a sauce, spread on a rustic or artisan bread. Something simple, just a sourdough.

    Refried beans are really simple…soak pinto beans overnight, fry (oil, butter, lard – lard tastes best, but is less healthy) with taco seasoning, mash down some, then spread on a good flour tortilla.

    Search online. Words like "empanada" "Tortilla" (different foods in different countries), etc. or just "easy Spanish/Mexican/Latin American recipes".

    Did you know that nachos are American? NOT Spanish by any stretch!

  5. you could bring in these things called arepas they are little corn cake. They are good for vegetarians or meat eaters, depending on the topping.


    If you want something sweet you could bring pan de dia de los muertos. Its like sweet bread that is pretty easy to make and very tasty


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