What are affordable and tasty Spanish or Mexican food I can bring in for my Spanish project?

I am taking Spanish 1 at my college and we are doing a spanish project on spanish speaking countries like Spain and Mexico and telling the class a few things on each country. I wanted to bring in food for the class, but I wasn’t sure of what to bring in. What are some food or appetizers that are tasty and it won’t be too messy for a class around 20 that is affordable too?

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  1. well… you could do – quesadillas and guacamole which is a very popular dish in mexico. its both easy and affordable:

    for the quesadillas you will need:

    grab a tortilla and put it in a pan, put the cheese on it and bend the tortilla, wait a couple minutes, turn it around and you’re done, each side should look crispy and the cheese MUST be melted.
    do as many as you want ( 1, sometimes 2 quesadillas per person should do the trick) and then cut them in a half that way is easier to eat and it looks better.

    guacamole is usually expensive, because it has a lot of ingredients, so i suggest you just use avocados (around 8 or 10) , some water, lemon (just one, maybe a half) and a little bit of salt, mix it all up and that’s it, if you want the guacamole to last longer add the bones that come inside of the avocados to it when you’re done making it.

    p.s: you can mix the guacamole ingredients with a fork. and if you want to, you can google ”quesadillas” just to see how they should look, if you google ”guacamole” just remember that guacamole not always looks the same, so if you decide to do it and it doesn’t quite look like the pictures don’t worry.

    good luck 🙂


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