What are all of the countries in South America that speak spanish?

What are all of the countries in South America that speak spanish?Please also add the capitals of the countries.


  1. The capital cities are:
    Argentina-Buenos Aires
    Bolivia-La Paz
    Colombia- Bogota

  2. Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Perú, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela that in South America
    and then Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Haití, Nicaragua, Cuba, México, Sto. Domingo, etc., etc.

    Martha P
  3. all of them with the exeption of brasil,portugese
    and the guiyanas,french guiyana speaks french
    (cayenne), surinam speaks papiyamento and dutch, (parimaribo)former british guiana speaks english,(georgetown)
    french guiyana is a french provence,not a independent country. the rest speaks spanish.
    trinidad and tabago,are actually also connected to the south american main land (speaks creole english) the capitals are to find on google earth
    not mentioned the carribean or central america

    Nanno D
  4. Sorry… but….

    To correct "Martha P"

    Senora, te equivoca.

    Haiti no habla espanol… habla frances.

    tambien… Santo Domingo no es un pais. Es un ciudad de la Republica Dominicana.

    Haiti doesn’t speak spanish, they spak french.

    also… Santo Domingo isn’t a country. It’s a city of the Dominican Republic.

    Cuidate y ten un buen dia!


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