What are good ways to learn how to speak spanish?

I was so overwhelming in college that I barely got anything out of it and barely passed. It has been bothering me since, and I really wanted to be good at it, but I figured there has got to be different ways to learn. It’ll probably be better for me to learn now because this time it won’t be pushed and forced to learn at a certain time. And..I can’t afford to go to Spain lol


  1. English is my second language. I wanted to learn it so bad, I use to only watch tv in english even though I didn’t understand anything. I only listened to music in english, and I know it will sound crazy but I repeated evrything I heard like a parrot. I used to pay special attention to the people I knew spoke english to have conversations, to get tips from them and to ask them to correct me whenever I was wrong. I used to carry a dictionary everywhere I went, and I use to read a lot. I made my way around in English in a Spanish speaking country. You can do the same for your Spanish.
    Nowdays you can find in the social networks all kinds of people with Spanish as their first language that want to brush up their English and that are willing to help you with your Spanish in exchange for your english. In a serach engine look for "Tandem Partner Spanish English" many sites will come up, just don’t disclose your personal information. You can chat, e-mail, or skype with this partner and half time this person will teach you and the other half you will teach that person. it is an incredible deal and you’ll learn faster.

  2. The best thing to do is get those first four courses taken. Learn the basics, and get some vocabulary built up, then go live in a Spanish speaking country for about 6 – 10 months minimum.

    Spain, of course, is the best, but you can possibly afford Mexico. Working conditions are easier there, anyway, if you’re American. If you’re British or Irish, then Spain is easier and cheaper.

    Because of your word choices, I assume you’re US. Think about doing some volunteer work in some country where you would need to learn the language….something like the Peace Corps when you are done with college.

    (A month isn’t long enough…you need a minimum of 6.)


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