What are some differentiating words between Mexican Spanish and Spanish Spanish?

I know a couple, like afeitarse/rasurarse, banana/platano, jugo de china/zuma de naranja, and the use of vosotros vs. ustedes. Are there any other real significant ones I should know about that would cause confusion when speaking with a Spanish Spanish speaker?


  1. Wow… there are plenty of words and expressions who aren’t even similar. Trust me, I’m Spanish, and when I hear a Mexican or a South-American speaking (Not politicians, or celebrities, they speak very clearly. I mean a normal person) I understand 50% of what he says.

    M Mm
  2. I think you don’t have to get confused when you speak to a Spanish speaker, because there are no differences, these are synonyms.

    My cousin is mexican, and for him it’s the same banana and platano. I’m Colombian and it’s the same afeitarse and rasurarse.

    So if the person you are talking to speaks spanish spanish (proper spanish) would not use any weird word.

    Jerson Zuleta

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