1. There’s nothing distinctive about minor lexical deviations.

    Mexican Spanish has some very unusual phonological properties, which it has adopted from Nahuatl, the language spoken by the Aztecs. Mexican Spanish is also noted for containing the phoneme [ʃ], which is non-standard in Castillian Spanish, as well as many other dialects spoken in different regions of the world.

    For more information on phonological variations, as well as some distinctive syntactical, and morphological features of Mexican Spanish, take a look at this article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_spanish

  2. the 2 previous entries arent distinct to mexico… theyre used in central america.

    guey – its slang for buddy

    vidrios – (original meaning glass) slang used as a way to say ‘see you later’

    Ange S

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