What are some good and pretty Mexican/ Spanish names?

I have been trying to think of some cute Mexican / Spanish names. Particularly for a girl. I don’t mean common ones like Maria or anything like that. I mean pretty lesser used ones like Salma.


  1. Here are the top 20 most popular girl names in Mexico:

    1. María Fernanda
    2. Valeria*
    3. Ximena*
    4. María Guadalupe
    5. María José
    6. Camila*
    7. Daniela*
    8. Mariana*
    9. Fernanda
    10. Sofía
    11. Andrea
    12. Dulce María
    13. Valentina*
    14. Natalia*
    15. Regina
    16. Danna Paola
    17. Guadalupe
    18. Jimena
    19. Vanessa*
    20. Fátima*

    The ones with stars are the ones I recommend.
    You can find the rest of the list for 2009 in the
    link below. =]

    a e т e r n a ◇
  2. Well I have a bunch of Spanish friends.
    My best friends name is
    Dilsia Noemis-shes from El Salvador
    pronounced ( dill-seeya no-em-ee )
    My other best friend is
    Soraya Emilia- shes from Columbia
    pronounced ( So-riyah ee-meal-ya )
    My other friend is
    Amelia Theresa- Shes from El Salvador and Italy.
    pronounced ( Ah-meal-yeah Tah-ree-sah)
    This girl I know of
    Maribel-El Salvador
    pronounced (Mah-rree-bell)
    This little girl I knows name is
    Giselle- El Salvador
    pronounced ( Gee-sell or the spanish way yee-sell )
    This other little girl is
    Lady- El Salvador
    pronounced (lay-dee)

    Then some other girls I know that are spanish have pretty normal names.
    Samantha, Daniella, Marissa, Nicolle, Joanna, Cindy,yup thats about all I can think of.


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