What are some good Mexican/Spanish TV shows for kids?

Preferably one with a storyline that’s for somewhat older kids, not things like Plaza Sesamo.

(I’m trying to improve my Spanish. I’ve tried watching some shows for adults, but the ones I’ve seen are too focused on love/sex, which I’m not too into. I think there’s one called Amy and the Blue Backpack, which is not great, but which I’ll be okay with.)
Movies are also okay.

…and not Dora.


  1. The majority of Spanish language TV available in the US is telenovelas (nothing but sex) and sports. Consider Rosette Stone or some other computer language program. Spanish language TV just isn’t that good.

  2. They have Spanish dubs for Cardcaptors (Sakura Card Captor) on youtube. I don’t like it that much though, it’s girlier than the American version of Cardcaptors.

  3. I am trying to find a smart show for you hehe…

    Here is this cartoon but it’s actually for adults (political satire).

    This is the dumbest show ever (well the sitcom version anyway) but you might learn something (I hate it lol)

    lol I am getting embarrassed by my examples lol

    From nickelodian LA

    This is a good horror movie

    And so on, You can find many US shows in Spanish on youtube btw.


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