What are some good nicknames for my Mexican boyfriend in Spanish?

I have been dating a guy whose parents immigrated from Mexico, he speaks both Spanish and English, and I have picked up some Spanish while I’ve been with him. I would like to learn some words and phrases though to use when it’s just the two of us. Nothing too crass 🙂 Just something to surprise him with. Thanks for your help!


  1. mi amor = my love
    mi vida = my life
    mi cielo = my sky
    mi corazon = my heart
    te amo = i love you
    te adoro = i adore you
    eres todo para mi = you mean everything to me
    eres la luz de mis ojos = you’re the light of my eyes
    no puedo estar sin ti = Can’t stay without you
    te amo mas que mi vida = i love you more than my life
    hago todo por ti = i do everything for you
    eres mi futuro = you’re my future
    I know these are too much to say, but they’re beautiful words to say to somebody you love with all your heart!
    Good Luck!


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