What are the differences between Latin American Spanish and Spanish in Spain?

Sorry, I mean the Spanish Language.
I am trying to figure out which one to learn. Which one should I pick?


  1. Well, since Spanish as we know it originated in Castille, Spain. The purest version can be found there. The differentiation is much like that of English England to the US, Canada, Australia, etc. There are regional differences in vocabulary and pronunciation even within the motherland itself. That doesn´t mean that it can´t be understood, it just means that there are differences. As far as grammar, the basic difference between Spain and Latin America is the use of the second person plural in Spain which is not used in Latin America. In some regions of Latin America there is an additional 2nd person singular.

    Personally, my early Spanish education leaned towards Latin American Spanish, but later I studied in Spain. The pronunciation there (things such as the c and z sounding like th instead of s) actually helped me to develop better spelling skills. Do I still use the pronunciation of Spain? Not often, but when trying to recall the spelling of a word, my mind generally goes back to that pronunciation.

    Over time, you will need to become familiar with regional expressions and pronunciation to be able to understand people from different areas of the Spanish speaking world.

    I would say, just hop in and start learning. Don´t worry about where you start.

    Cherry B
  2. In Latin America, z’s are pronounced "s", but in Spain they’re pronounced "th."

    Also, in Spain they speak more in the Tu form. In Latin America, it’s mostly Usted and Vos.

  3. They have a totally different accent and a slightly different dialect.
    Spain Spanish is spoken with kind of a lisp "th"
    Spanish people from Spain are European and Latinos are mixed with Amerindian, Black, Euro, Middle eastern and other.

  4. Spain has a lisp with spoken spanish and regional dialects. Latin America has no lisp and mixed with indian words or regional dialects from conquered areas of the old empire.

  5. First of all, there is no such thing as "Latin America". Nobody speaks Latin, they speak Spanish. And only some of the people are actually Spanish. There are huge differences between, say, Mexican Spanish and Argentine Spanish.

  6. Hi! First of all, Spanish is a language, and there are differences between countries, it’s not the same the Spanish of Argentina, the Spanish of Mexico, the Spanish of Spain… Study just Spanish, don’t worry about differences or countries, because it’s the same language… if you know speaking Spanish, you’ll understand the Spanish of Spain, the Spanish of Mexico, or the Spanish of Phillippines…

    Alberto Jesús J

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