What are the major differences between Latin American Spanish and Spanish from Spain?

I’m thinking of buying the Rosetta Stone computer program but there are two different versions of Spanish that they offer, Spanish(Spain) and Spanish(Latin America), what are the major differences and which would you recommend I learn, would I sound ghetto going to Spain speaking a corrupted form of their language(Latin America)


  1. basically is the same, mostly, although there’s differences between the vocabulary. I think you should study the "latin" america one, because is spoken in more countries than spanish from Spain, but is you’re decision at the end, depending on what you want to learn

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  2. if you want to learn spanish, i recomend learning spanish from spain.
    You will be able to understand all the other versions of spanish, whereas if you learn latin american spanish, the people in spain might not understand your accent.

    hope this helps!

  3. Well nothing really spain people usually put "th" in front of the beginning of every sentence. My brother was born in spain. My aunt lives in spain and put "th" in front of everything. I am from argentina and we people don’t we just speak normally. Like people from US but on in spanish!!

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  4. The accent is very distinct. For example, in latin america they do not differenciate the sounds of the letters C, Z and S. In spain, the C and Z has more of a soft thhh sound.

    People in spain CAN understand latin american accents. In fact there are a lot of latin american immigrants in spain. However, if you learn from latin american accent and find yourself in spain or with a european spanish speaker, YOU might not understand THEM

    its better to go with the spanish from spain in my opinion. 🙂

  5. Well, i think u should learn spanish from latin america (not corrupted)because it’s most spoken in the US and spanish from spain (i love it)but that depends on you what you should do is listen to both b4 you buy it and then decide which one you like better.

  6. European Spanish is nicer imo. For example they make alot of the d’s voice th’s like in "the" almost like they say "detho" instead of "dedo".

    Also they distinguish the b and v. In Latin America the v and b meld together so the v in Venezuela sounds kind of like a b. Also as others have said, anyone in Latin America would understand a European accent, but you might have more trouble being understood speaking a Latin American version of Spanish.

    Derek R
  7. people from spain speak with their tongues out which gives them like an accent
    the word for y’all or you guys in latin america is ustedes
    in spain they have a word vosotros for y’all or you guys


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