What are your thoughts on the mexican/spanish wrestling show that also comes on cable tv?

There are a few x-wwe guys there like juventud and the chinese guy that hung out with the giesha girl last year…but the guy is now clean shaven and looksmuch better. I watch it sometimes. But the matches never end. People just keep running in the ring!!! Like a 2 hour royal rumble!


  1. Mexican lucha libre is some of the most entertaining in the world. the only down side is that the televised shows dont have the same production values as the wwe but the action more than makes up for it. Lucha libre has also been very influential in the last few decades. Many great Japanese wrestlers have trained in Mexico like Tiger Mask, Jushin Liger, Ultimo Dragon etc and a big part of the reason the WCW cruiserweight division (which is the predecessor to TNA X div) was so exciting back in the 90s was because of their stable of luchadores… Some of my favorite high flyers today are Mistico, Aerostar, Laredo Kid and La Sombra

  2. You’re talking about AAA, that’s actually where Juventud and Rey Mysterio are from before they went to WCW and then Rey to WWE.

    The show is good, but for the most part the matches are full of spots and interference. You rarely get a straight match on that show. It’s a nice alternative, but not a show I would like to see regularly if I want to see great wrestling matches. If you like spotfests, then that’s a show for you.

  3. Well I’m From Mexico

    And Lett Me Tell Ya

    Mexican Lucha Libre Style Is Very Hard To Learn

    And A Normal Match Of Mask vs Mask Can Dure Like 45 Minutes

    And Watch A CMLL Live Show Is Awesome Quality Is A Mmile Better Than A WWE Live Show

    And Also There Is a Few Ex WWE


    Mark Jindrak = Marco Corleone
    X Pac = X Pac lol
    Nicho El Millonario = Psicosis
    Juventud Guerrero = Juventud
    And Many Many More

    SŲЯ٧Î√ΘЯ †ђ3 ßЯø₪¢ø

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