What can I call this? someone who can understand Spanish really well, but can't speak it?

I can’t speak Spanish like my family but I can understand them and know what they’re telling me what to do and stuff. I want to put this down for a skill on an application but don’t have a word for it. Does anyone know? Thank’s =)


  1. That is really bad actually, I think It’s a very bad idea writing down on an application that you are "mediocre" at Spanish language because that’s essentially what you are informing them, that you are not fluent in Spanish but can only understand it

    I think you shouldn’t tell the things you get by with because this is really not useful or profitable for anyone, you should tell instead what you are truly efficient and good at, this is what really matters

    You can’t really speak Spanish so you shouldn’t try to say you do a bit, coz that’s what you mean to say, but that’s definitely not impressive, what it’s impressive is all the people who are able to communicate in several foreign languages (the ones who can speak, write and understand very well) or at least the people who are fluent in one

    My piece of advice to you is to study Spanish at some language institute, learn it well, practice the speaking and be 100% fluent in it in order to have A REAL COMPETITIVE ABILITY, then you can say you master the language and you’re absolutely able.

  2. That is bad. Learn to speak Spanish like they do, and THAT is something you can put down on an application. This is just you being lazy and not taking the time to learn their language (other than listening to commands).

    If you must put this down, write Intermediate Spanish Abilities or something of the sort.

  3. Speaking a language and understanding that language are two different skills. You have perfected one so now you can focus on the other. I don’t know of a technical/clinical term for it but I bet there is one. Medial fluential deficit?


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