What comes to mind when someone says the words, “Hispanic” , “Spanish”, “Mexican”, “Latino”?

I’m conducting a survey about views that American citizens have towards this words. I wanna know what comes to mind. In conclusion, I want to experiment if The Black Legend is still alive and active in the United States. If you don’t know what the Black Legend is, just googled it and find out if you want, but you dint have to know to answer my questions.


  1. Laura Pausini, Shakira, Juanes, Gloria Stefan, Luis Miguel, Ricky Martin, Las Islas Galapagos, Las Ruinas de Ingapirca, La Cordillera de los Andes, Latin Dance Awards, too many things to keep listing them.

  2. What’s really the point of this? Give anti-Hispanic racists a chance to spew their hatred? If you’re really conducting a survey, what does it matter if you don’t know the ethnicity or race of the people posting? Yes, Hispanics are supersitious people who believe whatever their priests tell them. They practice magic. They are poor and live in slums. They have huge families that live in one room. And of course they steal everyone’s job (because middle class native-born Americans can’t wait to be housekeepers, landscapers, and minimum-wage restaurant workers). Why do all those terms you listed fit together- they all have different meanings. Spanish means from Spain. Most Mexicans have no powerful connection to Spain. Not all Latinos/Hispanics are Mexican. You know, out East, most Hispanics are Puerto Rican, Cuban, or Dominican, not Mexican. Again, a poor question.

  3. I think of the Aztec and Mayan cultures, and how grateful I am that they were conquered and their cultures mixed with more gentle religious beliefs of the Roman Catholic church. Sorry, but the heads rolling down and blood channels on the temples just gave me the willies! If you need an example of pre-christian Azteca and Mayan culture, watch a great movie, Apocalypto. It really makes you think.
    I love many facets of hispanic culture. We celebrate Dia de Muertos in my home, complete with ofrendas.
    As to the black legend, I have NO clue what that is, but I’m going to google it right now!!

  4. Hispanic is a politically correct term to describe people from Spanish speaking countries, to distinguish them from the Spanish, who are people from Spain. Hispanic is not a race or an ethnic group is just a name. You can be black , Indian or Blonde blue eyed and you are Hispanic. Some people prefer Latino because the come from Latin America, but Italians are Latinos too because their ancestors spoke Latin. Mexican is what it is, people from Mexico, which is predominantly Indian or Mestizo. The biggest misconception in the US is to call everyone”Spanish”…..” in the case of food, they call Mexican food Spanish. Nothing further from the truth, a Taco is as far away from Spanish food as Hungarian Goulash or Thai. I am from the Caribbean and I never knew what a taco looked like until I was 21, and it was, of all places, at the Worlds Fair in Montreal Canada.

    Luis V

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