What comes to mind when someone says the words, “Hispanic” , “Spanish”, “Mexican”, “Latino”?

I’m conducting a survey about views that American citizens have towards this words. I wanna know what comes to mind. In conclusion, I want to experiment if The Black Legend is still alive and active in the United States. If you don’t know what the Black Legend is, just googled it and find out if you want, but you dint have to know to answer my questions.


  1. some of my best friends since i can remeber, thats what comes 2 mind. and my racist ass mom saying: "dumb mexican" everyday and me thinking about her sister who is half mexican and my best friend who is salvadorian and my cousins who r panamanian…

    kenysha+michael jackson=♥
  2. Wtf is black legend? I will google it.

    Uhh what comes to mind is a Hispanic/Latino person. Not my boyfriend or anyone i know personally either..which is weird. but just a vague image of a person if I think about it hard.


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