What do Mexican and Spanish guys love about Asian girls? :)?

Nowadays, in Singapore and other countries, we see more inter racial couples hooking up with each other, holding hands and going out on dates.. 🙂 What do Mexican and Spanish guys love about Asian girls? 😀


  1. I think it’s because a lot of Asian women are universally appealing, with their cute faces, perfect hair, baby-soft skin, and petite bodies.

    There’s also the stereotype about them all havng really tight vaginas, or that they’re trained to be obedient and meek.

  2. I think that a lot of mexican and spanish guys are kinda short (not all). And they like that asian girls are very small. I’m white and 5’8 and I know that I tower over almost all the mexican and spanish guys I know by at least a couple inches.. who knows for sure thats just my theory..

  3. Well they seem to me to be more petite. So I would say their physic would attract them. That may be it for me, but the majority of Asian girls that I have met have annoying ass voices.

  4. I dunno you do know about the Philippines how Spanish toke over the Philippines for 300 years and frequently always intermarried with Filipina women and other Asian people more than Spanish women

    Daniella =)
  5. Well….Asia, the Continent, is pretty big = a lot of Asians when they’re traveling! And what’s up with the mentioning of Singapore? That’s in Asia, so of course there would be asian people in the relationships lol

    Spanish is a language lol not ethnicity (sorry, I have a lot of Hispanic friends that get really offended by that.)

    I’m Asian and my Hispanic friends just says I’m "cute, smart, and pretty" ? I guess they’re attracted to those traits?

  6. Spanish is white, and white is known for sexual fetishes with asian girls.

    You cant trust a white guys judging of an asian girl.

    If I see 10 white guys saying asian girls that are hot, and I know they are not hot. (by definition, not fetish)

    Reason is that mexicans, blacks and other asians can judge beauty for asian girls and not blinded by some fetish

    now If I see only see one mexican guy, one black guy, and one asian guy say an asian girl is hot, then I know she is hot for sure (beautiful by definition)

    Uncle Ho
  7. I’m Korean, living in Central Texas from Philadelphia and I was never into Latino men before but after moving here I must say I have a HUGE Mexican-men fetish! They are hot hot hot, especially the ghetto ones! Yum!


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