What do Mexican or Spanish people think "Beautiful" is in a woman?

I’m doing a cross cultural comparison for a project and this is one of the cultures I’m studying. What do Mexican or Spanish women think is beautiful? Thin, curvy, etc?
How does this thinking affect young girls growing up?


  1. Curvy. medium-long length hair, nice big eyes (any color), tan-beige
    yes I know peoples preference varies, but from what Ive seen and most have told me its that.

    It affects young girls because they want to all fit in and have the perfect appearance that they think they would be more accepted in among there peers.
    my experience was that It actually affected me I was super thin double 0 :(…and I hated my body, because it was thin I always wanted those nice curves felt ugly next to my friends that had them, those boys where always bragging about girls curves and often made fun of me (some just joked about it, but it still hurt), when we went to dances, I was always the last one to being picked to dance with, I felt like the ugly duckling…instead of hating the scale when it went up, I hated it when it went down…self esteem was really low
    but eventually I just stopped caring:) and everything changed for the good.

    Je ne sais pas!!
  2. Mexican people are from mexico and Spanish people are from Spain (Europe, in case you dont know where is Spain). Begin by a cultural personal formation my friend 😉


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